Life Balance Packages

Pregnancy Massage Life Packages

Pregnancy Massage

Package 1 - $170

  • 2 Prenatal massages
  • 1 Mum and Baby class
  • 1 Gift Pack - Booties, face washer & natural soap

Package 2 - $170

  • 1 Prenatal massage
  • 1 Prenatal meditation class
  • 1 Ma-n-me, Mum and Baby massage session. Postnatal massage for new Mum and massage techniques for new baby to assist with wind, colic and sleep.

Hollistic Counselling Life Packages

Holistic Counselling/Coaching Sessions

Package 3 - 90 mins - $80

  • 45 min: Coaching and resources
  • 45 min: Reiki or Guided Relaxation

Package 4 - 1 hour - $65

  • Guidance/Coaching and Meditation

Pyramid Packages

Pyramid Packages

This is a combination of any 3 therapies within the one treatment, as a taster to give clients an experience of other different therapies they may have curiosity about. The benefits of combining treatments is to bring balance to the physical, energetic and emotions, treating the whole person.


  • Neck/shoulder - Targeting areas of tension with or without oil & hot towels
  • Scalp massage - Gentle massage of scalp releasing tension, headaches, and nourishing leave in hair treatment
  • Foot reflex massage - Relief for tired aching feet, reducing swelling, pain & hot towels
  • Cleansing body exfoliation - Assists removing flaky skin, boosting circulation and hot towels, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and soft

Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki is a gentle hands on or off the body healing technique. It may be felt as a deep relaxation, warmth, vibrant colours or visions. Every living thing contains Life-force Energy in order to survive and thrive. This Energy flows through a Reiki practitioner (me) to where ever it is most needed for the persons highest good.
Brazilian Toe sequence- Is when an energy pulse is sent along the toe meridians stimulating major organs within the body, relaxing, recharging and clearing stagnant chi energy.

Sound Therapy

I use many different types of healing instruments, all designed for relaxation, clearing, healing and re-energizing. Crystal bowls, Chakra chimes, Tuning Forks, American Indian Medicine drum, rattles, Tibetan bowls, bells and more. I use these sounds intuitively over and on the body, while you are comfortably laying down on a massage table.
You can ask for which ever instrument you feel more drawn too within your treatment.

Package Combinations

  • Neck/shoulder massage, Reiki, and Sound Therapy
  • Reiki, Sound therapy, and Brazilian Toe Sequence
  • Body scrub - hot towels, Massage and Reiki
  • Body scrub - hot towels, Massage and Sound therapy
  • Foot reflex massage - hot towels, Brazilian Toe Sequence and Chimes
  • Guided relaxation, Massage and Sound Therapy
  • All combinations can be tailored to suit


  • 1 Hr = 20 mins of each choice - $80
  • 1.5Hr = 30mins of each choice - $100
  • 2Hr = 45 mins of each choice - $150

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or send an email to