Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing

Beauty of Birth

Birth is powerful... Let it empower you.
I am so very honoured to have been invited to be present at 3 births, such a beautiful experience and incredible reminder of how amazing women’s bodies are in their ability to birth new life. To witness the birth of a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word ‘miracle’.

“Deep within each woman, lies the knowledge of how to give birth without outside interventions.“ - Unknown.

After the recent arrival of my 1st grandchild last year, I became inspired to learn more skills to promote positive birth outcomes for women. I realized how important it was for the mother to prepare physically and mentally for her upcoming birth and that if a woman feels confident about her birth, positive and without fear, it has a direct influence on how she births.

Hypnobirthing has become more popular in childbirth preparation for this reason, with focus on the body-mind connection and that birth is a natural process that our bodies know how to do. Birth is a unique and personal experience and preparing using Hypnobirthing is about creating our own best experience.

Helpful Hormones for Birth

It is helpful to know that our mind-set and emotional state has a lot to do with our perceptions of pain and how we cope. Expectation of pain, fear and tension makes it worse, as this increases adrenaline which interrupts the flow of our birth hormones. Our bodies produce an amazing cocktail of hormones to help with birth and when we can physically and mentally relax during labour, these hormones progress labour more smoothly, quickly, and can be a powerful natural analgesia.

Preparing With Positive Expectancy

A hypnobirthing class blends the best of science and nature to prepare for the gentle birth of your baby. Pregnancy and birth are normal, natural and healthy events; a powerful expression of health and well-being, not an illness. Modern technology has our back of course in the event of a special circumstance, but birth does not routinely need to become a medical event. The class focuses on what goes right, a woman’s amazing birthing body, and in doing so builds confidence, and an ability to tune into her own birthing instincts and birth rhythms.

Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing

Mindful Hypnobirthing Techniques

Tools for life, not just birth.
The class teaches practical and easily learned methods that increase the ability of the body and mind to relax quickly, deepen this relaxation and stay in your birth zone. They are beneficial for mum, and baby, during pregnancy as well as during labour. The techniques blend relaxation, calm breathing, self-hypnosis, mindfulness and how to use affirmations and visualisations effectively.

We explore the mind body connection and uncover what we think, how we feel and how our thinking can be helpful or unhelpful during labour. Many of our little fears, worries and beliefs about birth lie at the level of our unconscious mind. Unconscious worries create muscle tension and adrenaline that can hold us back when we need to just let go, and go with the flow. Using hypnotic guided meditation helps us let go of worries or unhelpful beliefs and frame up positive images to move us in the right direction.

The techniques that we practice for birth are also valuable life tools, which support a habit of positive thinking, recognizing the link between how we think and how we feel, and bringing more mindful awareness into our daily lives.

Advantages of Hypnobirthing

  • Easier, shorter and more comfortable labour
  • Feel strong, in charge and in tune with your birthing rhythm
  • Understand what is helpful and what is unhelpful in the birth room
  • How to create your birth nest
  • Less need for chemical analgesia and intervention
  • Better quality of sleep!
  • Gentle birth breathing causes less fatigue
  • Quicker post-natal recovery
  • Flowing birth hormones for a wonderful birth “high”
  • Strong loving bonds between mum and baby
  • Alert, calm, settled babies that take to the breast easily
  • Calm, confident partner, better able to support mum
  • Better communication - helping your midwife to support you
  • Satisfying, mindful birthing

Birthing Partners - Debbie Savage Hypnobirthing

For Birthing Partners

It is not uncommon for birth partners to feel anxious about the birth. After a Mindful Mamma class partners report feeling more on the same page as mum, more confident in their ability to support mum, and able also to draw on the calm breathing and positive visualization techniques themselves. A calm, confident and empathetic partner, able to communicate mums preferences to her support team, can really make a difference in the labour room.

Mum and Baby - Debbie Savage Hypnobirthing

Preparing With Positive Expectancy

The class builds awareness of the wonderful intuitive link, and hormonal conversation that is present between mum and baby during pregnancy labour and birth. Maintaining a focus on baby can ease mum through times of intensity and helps frame gentle choices about birth that are baby and parent centered. The class is a very bonding experience for mum dad and baby - all three connected as one - at the truly amazing arrival of a new life.

One Day Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing Class

Mindful Mamma is the work of Sophie Fletcher, clinical hypnotherapist and Doula in collaboration with clinical psychologists and midwives. It is widely taught in the UK.
The class is informal and interactive and includes interesting, beautiful and supportive birth videos during the day. The flow of the day includes a mixture of theory and doing, and the feel is relaxing. Everybody reports a great nights sleep after a hypnobirthing class! You will take home a folder with handouts and a USB with MP3’s with all the techniques to support you at home after the course.
If you are wondering if you learn enough in one day – the answer is definitely yes – but the home practice makes all the difference. If you wish you can book a private follow up session to review techniques or enjoy a further hypnosis / guided meditation. Attending a Mindful Mamma class is further supported by the website www.mindfulmamma.co.uk or their FB page, interesting blogs and additional MP3’s that can be purchased from the site.
If you have any questions at all about the class or would like to discuss options for private hypnobirthing please give me a call on 0427 559 142.

Mum and Baby - Debbie Savage Hypnobirthing

When and Where

Class Dates 2018

  • May 20th
  • June 17th
  • July 15th

Alpha Rahma Cottage, Atherton | 9:30am to 4:30pm
Small Group Classes
$250 per couple (Private classes are available, 2 x 3 hour sessions $350)
Course fee includes:

  • New 9 track Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing USB
  • Class hand outs
  • Refreshments and light snacks during the day

We break for lunch during the day and there are local cafes to enjoy!

(Gallery 5 down the main street or P&P petals and pinecones near super cheap, plus some others, with lots of delicious food to enjoy when we break for a 1 Hr lunch)
If you would like more information please give me a call. Or to book your place Ph. Debbie 0427559142
This class is supported & endorsed by Midwives & Birth-workers.
“Imagine if our culture told us that Birth was one of the greatest things a woman might ever do. Imagine if the stories and images we were exposed too taught us that labour is an incredible and transformational experience, a rite of passage into Motherhood.”

Tamara's Birth Story

I had been practicing basic mediation techniques on a daily basis for the past year or so when I found out I was pregnant with my first child/son. I would usually do a little 15minute meditation routine each morning at home. I felt the simple relaxation meditation helped my state of mind especially around the 6th month mark of the pregnancy, when the reality of the birth set in and I started feeling anxious about the labour and what to expect. I was given a gift around this time of a hypnobirthing book and cd. I read some of the book and gained an understanding of what hypnobirthing was about and then began using the cd as my daily meditation music. I found it so very helpful for my state of mind. I found the cd informative/relaxing all in one in regards to helping me breathe and visualise my own birth. The voice was calm and soothing, guiding me through a labour scenario that made it all seem manageable, straight forward and easier to focus on my breath and feel relaxed.

I also listened to the cd with my husband during labour at home while I was having early contractions after my waters broke. I managed to stay at home until I was 7cm dilated with a quick hospital check during that time. I had our little boy naturally about 2hrs after getting up to the hospital, with just my husband and my midwife beside me in a nice quiet room. I do honestly feel the hypnobirthing material played a large part of me having a calm and straight forward labour and pregnancy, I feel very blessed to have been given a very valuable tool to cope with all the new challenges I faced during my first pregnancy-especially my anxiousness of labour! I would highly recommend hypnobirthing to all mothers to be! ♥
Tamara Krissansen

Tamara Mum n Baby