Sound Meditation

Sound Healing


The use of ‘sound’ for healing has been around for many centuries. Many different cultures around the world use a variety of indigenous instruments to bring about deep relaxation, balance and healing. Every organ within the physical body resonates at a certain frequency measured in hertz. During a sound meditation or personal sound healing session, the vibrations from the different instruments take the recipient into a state of deep relaxation, a place where healing happens. As you lay relaxed, sounds are played around and over you taking you even deeper…this allows stress to melt away and restore balance within the body, whilst also clearing any energetic blocks caused by stress, illness or held emotions.

I have an assortment of instruments such as, Crystal singing bowls, Rattles, Rainstick, American Indian medicine drum, Tibetan bowls, Chakra chimes and more..
“Vibrational Healing will be the medicine of the future” - Edgar Cayce.

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Regular Sound Meditations

Sound Alchemy - $10
- 4th Tuesday at The Healing Space, Comet Street, Atherton - 6pm to 7pm

I hold Sound Meditations in different locations check Facebook: debbiesavagemassage for updates.

Soul Harmonics Orchestra - Check their Facebook for updates.

Riversong Retreat - Bi-Monthly, Riversong Retreat, Milla Milla

Personal Sound Session - $70


Private groups

I can bring my instruments to your venue and do a sound meditation for you and your group. This is a very relaxing, uplifting and inspiring way to finish your gathering or workshop leaving lasting impressions of peace and tranquillity for participants to take home with them.

Personal Sound Sessions

Experience a unique journey of vibrational medicine as I play a variety of instruments over and around you, tuning into your body and using the Instruments I am guided to play for your healing.

Price: $70