Baby Massage


Infant Massage Classes

The art of Infant Massage is the gift you can give your child that lasts a lifetime. Infant Massage is a wonderful way to create and maintain a healthy bond with your child and promote a sense of well-being right from the start. Babies and parents all benefit from time spent together relaxing, playing and enjoying nurturing touch and massage. I am very passionate about massage and the difference it can make on so many levels, especially with new babies. I enjoy setting a nurturing space for new parents to feel relaxed, confidant and supported by each other, while learning new techniques that may help settle their baby. Through massage, meditation and relaxation we can create more harmony within our body and within our homes. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you!


Angels Touch Class

During this session, I teach mothers a massage sequence for different areas of their infants body, allowing both the parent and infant time to adjust and feel confident in the art of touch. Baby Massage is about ‘being connected’ with your baby. Learning to massage your baby allows you as a mother to read cues and body language. It may also give relief for symptoms of colic, wind, teething, reflux and general settling of your infant. Each and every baby is unique. I am a mother of three grown children myself and know only too well the amazing journey of becoming a parent. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and is very helpful to have some tools to use, moral support or share stories and information.

1 on 1 Classes
45mins (3 sessions recommended)
Price: $40 per session

Group Classes (2-3 Mums)
Includes notes and oil
At Atherton monthtly, or as requested. Alpha Rahma Cottage
Full course: 4 x 45min sessions
Price: $110 per mum

Debbie Savage Gift Voucher

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This treatment is for a new Mum & her baby as early after birth as she feels comfortable. I allow time so you can learn some tummy/wind massage, feed & settle your baby, then get some massage for you! My hope is that you will feel more balanced, nurtured & confident within yourself as a new mother and with some new tools to soothe your little ‘one’.
Perfect gift for a new Mum!

Price: $80 - 75 mins


Family Connections

Mums Dads & Me, make three - Congratulations! Your beautiful baby has finally arrived. Our children are our most valuable teachers, here to teach us patience, love, communication, sharing and caring as well as so much more. Learn massage techniques to help ease baby with belly ache, wind, colic and some soothing relaxation strokes that help you both feel confident with settling your baby. Reconnect with each other through massage, simple yet effective routines that you can do on each other to nurture & support the many changes that come with a new baby.

Private Class
Price: $120 (for the family) - 2 hrs private class


Mum and Baby Massage Morning

Relaxed gathering of mum’s and pre-crawling baby’s. Learn baby massage techniques to relieve wind, colic and create better sleep patterns for everyone. Relaxation, Mindfulness for mum’s, storytime massage participation and shared morning tea.

Held Monthly in Tableland Area.
Phone for details or Facebook: debbiesavagemassage.

Price: $20 per mum and bub, pre-crawling – 90 mins